A new hardbound book about Mecklenburg County, Virginia is being prepared by The Southside Virginia Genealogical Society and and Walsworth Publishing Co., Inc.

Anticipated delivery: Late 2006

  • The new Mecklenburg County Heritage Book will emphasize family stories and pictures, but also include communities, military and other topics.
  • We invite all residents, former residents, and those with roots in Mecklenburg County to submit a family household history of 500 words and one photograph to be printed free.
  • This is a rare opportunity for you to be a part of history.
  • We will print only a limited number of these beautiful hardbound books. Each books is 9"x12", exquisitely gold stamped, matching the nearly 40 other Virginia County Heritage books!
  • Because this is a limited edition book, only those who order and pay in advance are guaranteed to receive a copy.
  • These books will make excellent gifts for birthdays and holidays.

Sample Heritage Books

The Heritage of Mecklenburg County, VA - 2006 is part of the prestigious Virginia County Heritage series.

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