. . . and departing leave behind us, footprints in the sands of time.
-The Psalm of Life by: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

You and your family are important to the Lunenburg County Genealogical Society.
We cordially invite you to participate in the publication of our Lunenburg County Heritage Book.
  1. Who is eligible to participate?
    1. Present residents of Lunenburg County.
    2. Former residents of Lunenburg County.
    3. Those with roots in Lunenburg County.
  2. How much may I submit, and what is the cost?
    1. Each household is encouraged to send in 500 to 600-word of their family genealogy history and one picture per article.
    2. If your ancestors were in Lunenburg County by or before 1800, you may submit a 1000 word pioneer genealogy/history and two photographs.
  3. What can I write?
    1. Ancestors.
      1. Why and when they came to Lunenburg County.
      2. Dates and locations of birth, marriages, death and burial.
      3. Family stories.
    2. Yourself and your family.
      1. Childhood, school days, and other events.
  4. Article format.
    1. Please submit your articles on 3.5” floppy using MS Word or Word Perfect. Be sure the floppy is not write protected. Doublespace, DO NOT USE ALL CAPS, in the title or body. Upper and lower case MUST be used! We will accept articles double-spaced on good bond paper if you cannot use a computer. We will also accept CD if not write protected.
    2. Include at end of article:
      1. Word count.
      2. Sources, short version, i.e. wills, census, and court records.
      3. Submitter, City and State (on cover sheet include your address and phone number).
      4. Picture caption to appear with photograph (limited to 10 words).
    3. Index
      Please list LAST name, first, middle, maiden, nickname in “ ”. Type on a separate page with your article.
  5. Photograph directions.
    Note: Do not submit original irreplaceable photos! We make every effort to return them, but cannot be responsible for loss or damage!
    1. Types and size.
      1. We would prefer .jpg or .tif photos on a floppy or CD (not write protected). Please send a glossy print with the floppy (in case something happens to the floppy or CD). Glossy photos are best! Black and white preferred, we will accept 35mm color and studio quality prints.
      2. The following are not acceptable: Xerox® copies, negatives or faded Polaroids.
      3. Any size up to 8” x 10”.
      4. All photos will be reduced to one column - 2.5” wide x 1.75” high, with standard cropping as a bust shot.
    2. Identification of photos if you want them returned.
      1. Place a return address label with telephone number on the back of photo.
      2. Include stamped, self-addressed envelope large enough for your photos.
    3. Captions.
      1. Limited to 10 words or less.
      2. Type at end of article.
  6. Topical articles (to be used at book committee discretion).
    1. Histories of churches, clubs, and organizations.
    2. Communities around Lunenburg County.
    3. Military service biographical sketch.
      1. Each allowed 100 to 175 words and 1 photo.
  7. Assistance
    1. Contact Frances Clark at 434-447- 7308 or email at svgs@wildblue.net.
    2. Attend our writing workshop.
  8. Restrictions.
    1. Articles cannot harm or embarrass another individual.
    2. No genealogical charts or tabular material can be used.
  9. Workshop.
    If your group would like to have a workshop, contact Patti Roberts at 434-372-4434 or e-mail at pattirobert7@verizon.net. We will be glad to come and explain what a Heritage Book is about and talk about how to put articles together. Church Groups, Clubs, Civic Groups or any group of five or more who are interested in the Lunenburg County Heritage Book.