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Annie Bell Phillips born December 21, 1912 in Lunenburg Co. was one of 10 children born to Jordan Moses and Lelia Ann Phillips. Her siblings are Lilly, Gordon, Mattie, Cary, Lloyd, Mable, Bernard, Pattie Sue, and Alma.

Edwina Miles Covington and Howard Julian Covington

Floyd Adkinson Hudson was born July 23, 1911 in Dinwiddie Co. to Irby Adkinson and Joanna Susan (Josie) Latham Hudson. He was one of 6 children. His siblings are James (Jimmy), Bessie Jane, Katie Dell, Laura Lee, and Charles Irby (Charlie). Annie met Floyd through mutual friends. When she would go to their house he would also be there sometimes. They were married December 24, 1930 in Kenbridge, Virginia in Lunenburg Co.

Floyd was a farmer all of his life, and at one time they were living off of Ridge Road in what is now Fort Pickett. They were living there when the land was taken to build Camp Pickett and they were some of the displaces families. Their last child born at Camp Pickett was Billy in 1940. They had 7 children: Clara Caroleen born 1931 and married Richard L. Maitland Sr. march 3, 1950. After her husband’s death she later married Fred Clark. She worked at the telephone company in Richmond for years. She died of cancer December 27, 2003. Richard Floyd born in 1933 and married to Ruby Sehen and later to Kathleen Dooley. He had his own construction company in Blackstone and also worked out of Pickett.

Leonard W. born 1935 and passed away April 17, 2002 was a farmer and had worked together with his brothers in the construction business. He also worked at Brinko’s and lived at Wilson, Virginia. He was married to Tiny Taylor.

Nellie W. born 1936 was married to Herman C. McAllister. She is a homemaker and does seamstress work from her home in North Carolina. James Andrew (Jimmy) born 1938 lives in Nottoway Co. and was married to Carol Dawson. He has a construction company and is also an auctioneer.

William A. (Billy) born 1940 is married to Georgia (Bunny) Rogers and they sold a business in Saluda, Virginia and moved to Blackstone and opened Hudson Brake and Exhaust here in 1981.

Douglas Irvin born 1943 and died March 17, 1973 from complications of a car wreck. He worked with his brothers in the construction company in Blackstone and was married to Lula Hamilton and they lived in Crewe, Virginia.

After the family moved from Ridge Road they went to Darvills to the Hudgins place and farmed there. After a few years Floyd bought a large farm, 100+ acres on Lennie Road and farmed there until his death on December 1, 1963.

Annie and Floyd were divorced on September 15, 1950 and she moved to Crewe to work at Crewe Garment and be with her brother. She worked at the garment factory for 27 years and she still lives in Crewe.

Floyd remarried to Lilly May Phillips and had 6 more children in Dinwiddie Co. They are May A., Wallace R., Dorothy Jane, Frances Alice, Floyd A Jr., and Roy Edward. More on these children in Dinwiddie Heritage Book. Submitted by Virginia M. Jones, Rice, VA 23966.


James Henry Callis, born 4 March 1830, died 28 August 1913, son of James Michael and Mary Matthews Callis. James married Indianna “Indie” James Turner, born 28 December 1834, died 12 May 1897, daughter of James and Elizabeth Montgomery Turner on 30 December 1858 in Lunenburg County. After the war, James moves his family to Lunenburg County where they raised seven children: Benjamin James, Mary Lucas, Sarah Elizabeth, David Franklin, Robert Epper, Charles William, and Nannie Anna.

Benjamin James Callis, born 28 October 1859, died 7 February 1945, on 12 December 1883 mar-ried Laura E. Rash, born 6 July 1860, died 18 April 1959, daughter of Alexander Brodnax and Lucy Ann Jackson Rash; they had one daughter, Annie James Callis. Mary Lucus Callis, born 23 June 1861, married 8 March 1887 Jacob A. Rash, son of Alexander Brodnax and Lucy Ann Jackson Rash; they had five children, Annie Matthews Rash, India Elizabeth Rash, Omie Virginia Rash, Walter L. Rash, and Maynard Allen Rash.

Sarah Elizabeth Callis, born 7 October 1862, died 6 April 1939, on 14 February 1883, married John Allen Rash, born 28 January 1858, son of Alexander Brodnax and Lucy Ann Jackson. They had four sons, Emmett Crow Rash, Lewis Ryland Rash, David Orgain Rash, and John Webb Rash.

David Franklin Callis, born 2 April 1866, died 28 December 1942, first married Bettie Lee Ragsdale, born April 1866, died 14 June 1929, they had seven children. Fannie Lee Callis, Mary Lou, James William Callis,, Charles Hardy Callis, Lillie F. Callis, David Burton Callis, and Nettie Elizabeth Callis. David Franklin married second on 11 July 1931, Virginia Overby, born 1889, daughter of David and Sally Skinner Moore.

Roper Epper Callis, born 21 December 1858, married first 27 March 1895 Sarah Ann Thompson, born June 1872, daughter of Sterling Warren and Sarah Taylor Thompson; they had one son,

Hugh Warren Callis. Robert married second 16 February 1916 Viora M. Rash, born 1896, daughter of Peter W. and Mary I. Rash; they had two daughters, Irene Irma Callis and Bernice Callis. Charles William Callis, born 17 September 1870, died 22 February 1944, married 26 February 1906 Mary Lizzie Hite, daughter of T.A. and M.L. Hite. They have nine children: James Arlington Callis, Mary Anna Callis, Sallie Elizabeth Callis, Annie Williams Callis, Harriet Louise Callis, Charles Franklin Callis, Allie Winfree Callis, Richard Elroy Callis, and Shirley Shepard Callis. Nannie Anna Callis, born 14 August 1875, died 27 November 1957, married 8 February 1898 William Gray “Dortch” Thompson, born 30 December 1875, son of Roger Thomas and Sarah Ogburn Thompson; they had three children: India Love Thompson, Roger Gray Henry Thompson, and Anna Katherine Thompson. Submitted by Claude Roberts. Sources: Court records.

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Lawrence Aubrey Hawthorne was born 17 December 1942, son of Aubrey and Susie Hawthorne. At age 17 he joined the U.S. Air Force and took his Basic Training and flight school at Langley Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. He served two tours of duty in Vietnam and received the Distinguished Flying Cross.

Lawrence Aubrey Hawthorn

After Vietnam he was assigned to the 4951st Test Wing at Daytona, Ohio for the duration of his 20-year career. There he flew C-141 and C-130 doing test missions. He would volunteer for extra flight time to log hours and was awarded honor to the 1,000 Hour and the 2,000 Hour Flight Club. Submitted by Lewis Hawthorne.


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Kenbridge Elementary
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