. . . and departing leave behind us, footprints in the sands of time.
-The Psalm of Life by: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

You and your family are important to the Heritage of Greensville County Virginia and we cordially invite you to participate in the publication of the upcoming Greensville County Heritage Book.
Submission Deadline: May 1, 2009!
  1. Who is eligible to participate?
    1. Present residents of Greensville County.
    2. Former residents of Greensville County.
    3. Those with roots in Greensville County.
  2. How much may I submit, and what is the cost?
    1. Each household is encouraged to send in 500 words of their family genealogy/history and 1 photograph. OR
    2. If your ancestors were in Greensville County by or before 1870, you may submit a 1000 word pioneer genealogy/history and 2 photographs.
    3. Additional words are 0.10¢ per word. Extra photos are $12.50 each. Double-wide or double-deep photos are also $12.50 additional.
    4. Abbreviations/numbers above five letters equal two words, and punctuation does not affect this.
  3. What can I write?
    1. Ancestors.
      1. Why and when they came to Greensville County.
      2. Dates and locations of birth, marriages, death and burial.
      3. Family stories.
    2. Yourself and your family.
      1. Childhood, school days, and other events.
      2. Jobs, residences, hobbies and pasttimes.
  4. Topical articles (to be used at book committee discretion).
    1. Histories of churches, clubs, and organizations.
      1. Each allowed 250 words and 1 photo(s).
      2. Additional photos see Paragraph II.C.
    2. Communties and major topics. (Ask committee for details.)
    3. Military service biographical sketch.
      1. Each allowed 100 words and 1 photo(s).
      2. Additional photo; see Paragraph II.C.
  5. Article format.
    1. Double-space type or word processing on bond paper. We cannot accept articles which are typed in ALL CAPS. Upper and lower case must be used! A hard copy must be included. We will also accept text on diskettes, using MS Word or Word Perfect.
    2. Include at end of article:
      1. Word count.
      2. Sources, if available
      3. Name, address, and story submitter. Also include name, address, phone number of compiler if different.
      4. Caption to appear (see Paragraph V.C.)
      5. A list of all names, last, first, maiden, or middle, please, typed on a separate sheet of paper and stapled to your story. (see Paragraph IX.)
  6. Photograph directions.
    Note: Do not submit original irreplaceable photos! We make every effort to return them, but cannot be responsible for loss or damage!
    1. Types and size.
      1. Glossy photos are best! Black and white are preferred, but we accept 35mm color and studio quality prints. Laser copies do not reproduce well, so please don’t submit them! We will accept .jpg or .tif photos on a separate diskette or CD. If submitting digitized scanned images, please scan at 300 dpi to preserve image quality. A glossy print of your photo must also be included!
      2. The following are not acceptable: Xerox® copies, negatives or faded Polaroids.
      3. Any size up to 8” x 10”.
      4. All photos will be reduced to one column - 2.5” wide x 1.75” high, with standard cropping as a bust shot. You must pay extra, as detailed in II.C., for larger sizes.
    2. Identification
      1. Place a return address label with telephone number on the back or (not as desirable) print with soft lead pencil on back of photo.
      2. Include stamped, self-addressed envelope large enough for your photos.
    3. Captions.
      1. Limited to 10 words or less.
      2. Type at end of article.
  7. Writing Assistance
    1. Contact committee members.
    2. Sample NC County Heritage books may be seen at the Emporia Library. They are published by County Heritage, Inc., and may be helpful with writing your articles.
  8. Restrictions.
    1. Articles cannot harm or embarrass another individual.
    2. No genealogical charts or tabular material can be used.
  9. Index
    Please help prepare an every name index: List last, first, maiden or middle names. Type on a separate sheet of paper and staple to your story.
  10. No email submissions. Sorry!