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Emmanuel McDuffie was born in Snow Hill, Wilcox County, Alabama  on December 23, 1883. His father, Emmanuel McDuffie died six months before he was born. His mother was left with the care of seven children. In July of 1893 his mother died and "the burden of caring for the children then fell upon my old grandmother." At the age of ten Emmanuel found it necessary to help acquire food and clothing for the family. Living on a farm he plowed with an ox to cultivate his crop. We "usually made from four or five bales of cotton and forty to fifty bushels of corn each year."

His grandmother died when Emmanuel was fifteen years old. The seven children were left to "shift for themselves." At this time he became interested in education and made application for admittance to Snow Hill Normal and Industrial Institute. His acceptance depended on entering as a work student. He worked during the day and attended school at night.

Mr. McDuffie was able to graduate from Snow Hill Institute where he met and married his wife Tinny. Around 1903 Mr. Walter Evans, a highly respected black merchant in Laurinburg, contacted Dr. Booker L. Washington at Tuskegee Institute for help in securing a teacher for high school for blacks. Dr. Washington sent a young couple in their late teens who had recently  graduated from Tuskegee to start this school.

On their arrival in Laurinburg they found a tract of marshy land donated for a school. They set about to clear the land and prepare the lot for building. A log cabin was erected and used for a school. Tinny described the classroom as built out of stomps dug from the swamp.

With the encouragement of Mr. McDuffie, black students flocked to enroll. Opening in 1904, it was one of the few places minority students could attend. From 1904 to 1954 the school provided free schooling, "the only opportunity for training beyond second grade in this part of North and South Carolina."

Tinny and Emmanuel McDuffie

The dynamic personality of Mr. and Mrs. McDuffie set an environment that demanded from their students an emphasis on academics, but in addition, encouraged musical training and athletic performance. In basketball they frequently achieved first place standing in the Conference of Independent Schools Athletic Association. Charlie Scott and Sam Jones, Institute graduates were outstanding players for the Boston Celtics and Dizzy" Gillespie, the renowned jazz musician were loyal graduates of Laurinburg Institute.

Mr. and Mrs. McDuffie devoted their entire lives to establishing and nurturing the students and the institute. Students who graduated many years ago remember his kind manner in dealing with them, walking quietly among the student body.

Two major events in 1954 affected the institute, first was the death of the founder, E.M. McDuffie, Sr., forcing his sons to assume responsibility and control of the school. The second was the passage of the 1954 Brown vs Board of Education act which requires the county to build schools for blacks. This forced Laurinburg Institute to become a private school, putting an additional burden financially on its administration.

Through all of its hardships, the figure of Emmanuel McDuffie, Sr. was a reassuring, encouraging and inspiring leader. (535 words)


Dr. James Gibson Pate, M.D.

William Gibson Pate, M.D. was the son of Dr. and Mrs. William Thoroughgood Pate. A native of Gibson, he graduated from the University of
North Carolina in 1914 and the University of Pennsylvania Medical School in 1916. Married to Sarah Christian McMillan in 1916, they were the parents of four children.

Dr. James Gibson Pate, M.D.

He spent his entire career practicing medicine in Gibson.  When the town celebrated its one hundredth anniversary, a tribute to Dr. Pate was published in the brochure to express its appreciation for this distinguished citizen. "Dr. Pate was a great man, a consecrated doctor of medicine, a farmer, a banker and a humanitarian. He was a general practitioner and proud of it." Someone calculated statistically that he traveled one and one-half million miles in his practice and performed at the delivery of 3,200 babies. His fees ranged from 50 cents to $2.00 per visit.

He exhibited traits in his personality which fit the picture of a skillful, compassionate family doctor. He has a great love for people, especially those who were not only sick, but discouraged about some condition in their life. He once said that he seen 20,000 patients a year in his office on Main Street. Dr. Pate was a member of the North Carolina Medical Society and the Scotland County Medical Society. He also served in the County Welfare board for thirteen years, the Gibson School board for fifteen years, Chief of Staff of Scotland Memorial Hospital, a Seaboard Railroad surgeon for forty years and as the Atlantic Coast Line surgeon. He was chairman of the County Democratic Committee, a Mason and a member of Gibson Methodist Church.

Joyce, M. Gibson in her carefully researched book, Scotland County Emerging: 1750-1900 states that Thoroughgood Pate was living in Virginia and Coastal North Carolina before 1750. Thoroughgood and three other Pates kinsman lived first in Cumberland County, then Charles and Thoroughgood lived in Anson. Mrs. Gibson states that Thoroughgood Pate was the earliest known permanent resident on the Gibson side of what is now Scotland County, having established permanent residency in 1769.

In 1956 Dr. Pate was recognized by Scotland County as "our Most Distinguished Citizen for his devotion to high ideals and his unselfish service to our community." Near the end of his life he became ill and was sent to Scotland Memorial Hospital for diagnosis and treatment. On hearing the verdict of cancer, he said "you may as well send me on home 'cause I'm going to die in my office in Gibson."

(422 words) Submitted by his grandson, J.G. Pate, III



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In the late eighteenth century a group of Highland Scots settled in what is now northern Scotland County. They were not near a church, although there were several churches in surrounding counties that had already been founded. Presbytery records of 1793 show that Rev. Dougald Crawford served the settlers in the Laurel Hill area as well as being at Raft Swamp in Robeson County. They met in homes and "brush arbors" and were visited by preachers on occasion. In 1797, their church was officially founded by the Presbytery and named Laurel Hill after the cherry laurel that was a predominate shrub in the area. A minister, Rev. John Gillespie was called to serve the new church.

Many of the early church records have been lost but many names that are found in present day Scotland County were on the roll. They include McNair, McMillan, Lytch, McKinnon, Monroe, Gilchrist, and Currie.

The first church building was a log house and was possibly a few hundred feet north of the present building. The next building was a wooden frame structure. It was used until the congregation outgrew it. In 1856, the present Greek Revival structure was erected and the former building was used as a school. It subsequently burned. The land for the church was given by Duncan McFarland and it is said that the deed forbade the use of the land for a cemetery. Therefore there is no cemetery on the property until this day.

One of the major happenings to the church during the Civil War occurred at the end of the struggle. The main branch of Sherman's Army camped there on the night of March 8, 1863. The story is that they damaged the Bible and used the pews to build a bridge. After the war a group from Ohio sent a Bible to replace the damaged one.

Over the years, the church prospered and grew. Several sons and daughters of the church went forth to bring the word of God to the world as ministers and missionaries. Education was prized and a school was held on the church grounds for many years. After the Civil War, several groups left the church to establish other churches nearer where they lived. The former slaves wanted their own churches. With the help of Rev. Andrew McMillan, a son of Old Laurel Hill, Silver Hill Presbyterian Church and Cool Springs Methodist Church were formed.

In modern times there are several important happenings. In 1983, the Educational building burned. Diligent efforts of the firemen saved the Sanctuary. With insurance money and generous gifts from members and friends, a brick Education building was finished. The old manse was removed and a modern house was built for our pastors in the early 1990's. In 1997 we celebrated the whole year of our two hundredth anniversary. Each year we celebrate Ingathering on the first Thursday of November. This is combination homecoming and fund raiser. We love to have visitors anytime.

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Family Names :

Adams Family
Adams, Claude, Jr.
Adams, Mary Elizabeth "Dibba"
Adams, William
Alderman, Mary Lillian
Alexander, Bill & Kay
Allen, Fenzo
Ammons, Asa Holland
Anthony, Khalil & Rachelle
Armstrong, Harry & Maggie
Armstrong, James "Jim"
Barrett, Don
Barrett, Sr, W. C.
Bayes, Ronald H
Beane, Peter Serman
Beman, C. E.
Bennett, Toncie
Beverly, Marvin Wesley & Mary Elizabeth Dula
Beverly, Ernest Haywood & Joanna K.
Biddell, Francis H.
Blackwelder, Eugene
Blake, Baxter Chesley
Blake, David Baxter
  6 Generations of the Malcom Blue Family
  Albert Floyd & Mary Shore Linker Blue Family
Blue, John Family
Blue, Lacy
Blue, Lillian
Blue, Marguerite Manly Cole
Blue, The Bridge Family
Blue, Malcolm
Blue, Rupert
Blue, Victor
  Bridge Blue Family- John Blue
Bowden, James A. Jr.
Bodenhamer, Myra
Bowen, Juanita Harding
Boyd, Hutson & Linnie
Boyle, Edward Burke
Bridges, Alfred Washington
Brooks, Lamar
Brown, Daniel & Rebecca
Brown, Daniel "Buddy"
Bruce, Jim and Sue
Buchanan-McGeachy, Family
Buie, Charles and Peggy
Buie, Family of Wagram
Buie, William Graham & Jean Mc.
Bullard, Francis & Mable
Bullard, Judson D. Sr. Family
Bullard, Wm Washington
Bunch, Archie & Katie
Burns, David Lee
Burns, David Lee Family
Butler, Monnie Blake
Butler, Samuel, Jr.
Calhoun, John & Mary Stewart
Calhoun, Lauder & Janie E.
Calhoun, Lawrence & Mary Elizabeth
Calhoun, Lawrence Gibson
Calhoun, Malcolm Patterson
Calhoun, Margaret Cromartie
Calhoun, Ralph Morrison
Calhoun, Robert Glenn
Calhoun, John Blue
Calhouns, in Scotland Co
Callahan-Ollis Family
Campbell, Ed
Campbell, Floyd
Campbell, Hugh and Sarah
Campbell, Malcolm and Martha
Campbell, Malcolm & Jane
Canada, Mark & Lisa
Caple, Lacy
Carmichael, Duncan
Carpenter, Family
Carter Family,
Cartner, Martha Gibson
Carver, Dr. James E. & Sabell M.
Causey, Henry Oswald & Mary Livingston
Cavendish, Michael Eugene
Chance, Lucille Odom
Chance, Lucille
Chaney, George & Laura Wilkinson Family
Chavis, James Floyd
Childress, Pearl Shaw & Reid
Chisholm, Angus
Chrisco, Eugene
Clark, Family
Clark, Martha Inez McKenzie
Clark, William Thomas
Coble, Dot N. and Children
Coble, Roberta
Coates, Family of East Laurinburg
Coble, William Hughes & Jeannette Morrison
Cochrane, Robert Sharpe, Jr.
Cole, Joseph Carson & Mollie Grimes
Collie, Ann and Nick
Collins, Josh
Cooley, James Alexander
Cooley, James Leonidas
Cooley, Robert Elihu & Pearl Shaw Holloway
Coughenour, Charles Pearson
Coughenour, Thomas Adadms and Ethel
Covington, Johnny
Covington, Nettie Gibson
  Oscar Covington Family
Covington, Robert Rowe
Covington, Thomas Thomas III
Covington, Wes
Covington, Col. Ellerbee Wall & Rachel
Covington, William T. (Sculpture)
Cranford, Mr/Mrs James W.
Creed, George O.
Crump, Family
Currie, Arthur & Gertrude
Currie, John & Kate Blue
Currie, William N. & Donnie Ella
Dabbs, John David
Dalrymple, James Robert, Jr.
Daniels, Henry Willliam & Ancie Dell Caulder
Daughtrey, Aleathia "Lea" Howard
Dean, Arthur
Daughtrey, Dr. John Patrick
Decker, Rodger Wayne
Deegan, John, Jr.
DePugh, Mildred
Ditrick, Calvin
Doster, James Ellison
Dulin, William Robert
Dunbar, Wade Stafford
Dunlap, Samuel H.
Durant Family
Dwyer, Joseph
Easterling, Willie
Edge, Harvey Zemp, Sr.
Erwins of Laurinburg
Evans, E. Hervey
Evans, Walter P.
Everington, George Dallas
Fairley, Dr. Archibald Family
Farmer, Milton
Fairley, Family
Farmer Sr., Lydia Geneva McKenzie & Joseph Alex Farmer Sr.
Fennigan, Oscar
Fields, Rev. Roland Paul
Fletcher, John Walter Fletcher II
Fletcher, The John Walter Fletcher Family
Ford, Harold Leon
Ford, Sherman & Mary Jane
Forde, Francis F. Family
Fore, J. C. Family
Fore, Keiko Eto
Foy, Laura Ann
Fowler, Robert Bryant & Ruby Johnson Fowler
Freeman, Wayne Jr. & Kaly
Fuller, Harriet Leak
Frye, Bruce
Fulton, Samuel H.(Rev)
Gainey, Nancy Monroe
Gamble, Yates & Bunny
Gaw, Jack
Gibson, Alton Brooks (A.B.)
Gibson, Anderson D & Eliza Patterson
Gibson, Annie Prince
Gibson, Archibald Patterson
Gibson, Archie Patterson
Gibson, Archie Patterson & Martha Jane Gibson
Gibson, Daniel Webster
Gibson, Edgar Stole
Gibson, Eli
Gibson, Family
Gibson, Fannie McCall
Gibson, Frances B.
Gibson, George E.
Gibson, Harris & Martha Ann Fletcher
Gibson, Harrison "Pat"
Gibson, Henley and Della
Gibson, Henry Franklin
Gibson, Jane Adams and Lance
Gibson, J. Nelson, Jr.
Gibson, Jasper Thomas
Gibson, John Clifton
Gibson, John Mendenhall
Gibson, Laurence Thompson
Gibson, Lola Prince
Gibson, Mrs. Jasper T., early businesswoman
Gibson, Mary Ruby
Gibson, Meta Belle
Gibson, Noah
Gibson, Noah Family
Gibson, Porter Clyde
Gibson, Shockley Adams
Gibson, Stafford E.
Gibson, Stafford Eliger
Gibson, Thomas Guthrie
Gibson, Wiliam Ziba
Gibson, Willie & Lucille Newton Gibson
Gibson, Ziba, Elusive Ancestor
Gilchrist, John Rhodes
Gill, Edwin Morris
Gill, Thomas Jeffries
Gillis, Lauchlin McNeill & Mary Jane Edwards
Gillis, Neill Whitfield & Isabella McNeill
Gillis, Pearl Inman
Godwin Family
Godwin, Ralph & Ida Lancaster
Goodwin, Clyde and Dorothy
Gorham, Dr. Johnie Wesley
Graham, Jackson
Graham, Margaret
Graham, Margaret
Grahams of Scotland co
Greene, Glenn Allen
Guest Jr., Edwin M
Guest, Sr., Edwin M
Gustafson, Dr. Robert K.
Gustafson, Robert Family connects w Scotland Co.
Gustafson, Robert K. Family
Haney, Evie Gibson
Harding, Mary Dunn
Hargrave, George Strong
Harris, Terrell & Rick - Early Years
Hargrave, Jesse
Harrison, The Family History
Harris, Gwyn and Children
Hargrave, Virginia Gibson
Hart Family
Harrison, James & Eva
Hart, James F & Mary
Hart, Leondias
Harvell, Lindo and Mary
Hasty, Histiory
Harvin, Mary Alice Pritchard
Hasty, The family of Colin & Flora Ann Cottingham
Hasty Family of Scotland Co
Hawley, Hon Joseph Rosewell
Hearn, Zeb Vance & Lola Wright
Herring, John R. and Margaret Williams
Hill, George & Mary Eliza Kelly
Hines, Sarah Christian
Hoffmans Scotalnd Co. Connection
Hogan, James Marcus Young
Hollis, J. W.
Hollis, Mary Kellam & Jimmy
Hooker, George Brown
Houg, John and Mitzi
Horne, Larry
Howell, Fred C. & Myrtle
Hubbard and Long Families
Hubbard and Robeson Families
Hudson, John
Huff, Benjamin
Hunsucker, Kelly Auman
Hutchinson, Eloise Gillis
Ingram, Thomas Clint and Family
Jackson, Dr. Nathaniel Edward
James, Alexander
James, Alexander Long Family
James, Dr. Fairley Patterson
James, W. D. Family
James Family
John, Family
Johnson, Alden & Nan
Johnson, Archibald
Johnson, Duncan
Johnson, Gerald
Johnson, I. Ellis
Johnson, Jack & Ella Bacot
Johnson, John
Johnson, Joy J.
Johnson, MacNeill
Johnson, MacNeill & Christian Monroe
  The Johnson Family
Jones, A.L. "Joe"
Jones, Archibald & Mary McNair
Jones, Carl & Ethel
Jones, Halbert and Elizabeth
Jones, John and Mary Haley
Jones, Peter Franklin & Lunette
Jones, Reuben
Jones, Sam
Jones, Silas
Jones, Willie Edward "Puddin' Head"
Jones and Robeson
Joneses of Scotland co
Joneses of Scotland County
Kidd, Blanche Daniel
Joseph, Freddie
Kidd, Tugalo
Kidd, Tugalo
King, James E. Family
King, L. L.
King, Mr. & Mrs. Jennings
Kirkpatrick, Gordon Foster
Ledbetter, Mary Lucille Cochrane
Lee, Alma, "Remembering Miss Alma"
Lemmond, Frederick, Sr.
Lemmond, Rosemary
Leviner, Harrison
Livingston, Dr. Everette Alexander
Livingston, Mary McNeill
Lockey Family
  Tommy Love Family
Lundin, Gustaf Clarence
Lytch, Family History
Lytch, Belton Prince
Lytch, James
Mabry Family
Maglenn, Captain James
Malloy, John Nelson
Malloy, Robert
Malloy, Sam Nelson
Mason Family of Scotland Co
  The Isaac Mason Family
Mason, Jr., Isaac
Mason, Jr., James
Mason, Sr., Isaac
Mastroianni, Daphine Doster
Matthews, William E. & Juanita
Matthews, William Graham & Jennie McLaughlin
Matthews, Walter Jesse & Mary Catherine
Matthews Family, George Getzen
Maxwell & Mangum Families
Memory, Scotland County Memorys
Middleton, Daniel Lauchlin
Milligan, James Edwin
Monroe, D. A. & Vera
Mitchener, Dr. James
Monroe, David Malloy
Monroe, Henry Fairly
Monroe, Lacy B. McNeill
Monroe, Marion & Fran
Monroe, Raymond Jr.
Monroe, Richard Wright
Monroe, Robert Edward
Monroe, Robert Nancy
Monroe, Robert Nancy & Margaret McMillan
Monroe, Thomas Andrew
Monroes of Scotland County
Moore, John Archie, DDS
Moore, John H Family
Moore, Ansley
Moore, Odus Lee
Morgan, Edwin
Morgan, James L. & Elizabeth Evans
Morgan, Mark
Morris Family
Morris, Coppin Harold (Bee)
Morris, Coppin Harold, Jr.
Murray, Eli Fairley, Jr.
Muse, Charles Esley
Myers, Charles
Myers, Charles
Myers, Emma Lee McMillan Stewart
MacKinnon, Daniel & Grace Currie
McArn, The McArn Family
McArn, Hunter
McArthur, Col William Surles
McArthur, Colin Shaw
McCall, Lucian Edgar
McCall, Lucian Edgar Ancestors
McCall, Lucian Edgar Descendants
McClennahan, Isaac
McColl Our Lineage
McCollum Family
McCook, Pastor James Roy
McCormick, Duncan
McCormick, Duncan and Katherine Carmichael
McCormick, Duncan & Katherine
McCormick, Frank Calhoun
McCoy, Charles Shewood
McCoy, Clarence Latimer & Lutie Heber Walker
McCoy, John Shep
McCoy, Lloyd Walker
McCoy, Reginald F. & Mary Franklin Jones
McDavid, Colin and Lillian Manning
McDonald, Angus
McDonald, John D.
McDonald, Christalene C.
McDonald, John O. Jr.
McDonald, John O. Sr.
McDonald, Sharon Denise
McDonald/Buchanan Family
McDougald, Alexander
McDougald, Malcolm
McDougald, William
McDowell, John
McDowell, Mildred Norton
McDow, Joyce Morrison
McDow, Robert Allen, Sr.
McDuffie, Emanuel
McDuffies of the Laurinburg Institute
McFarland, Duncan
McGuire, Margaret Morgan
McInnis, Angus & Bonnie
McInnis, Angus Campbell Jr.
McInnis, Bonnie Alice
McInnis, Carrie Ellen
McInnis, Margaret Frances
McInnis, Calhoun and Stewart families
McInnis, Samuel Angus
McIntosh, Peter
McIntosh-Stubbs Family
McIntyre, Kate Arrowood
McKay, Generation 1 - Daniel
McKay, Generation 2 - Hugh
McKay, Generation 2 - William
McKay, Family of Duncan McKay
McKay, Generation 7
McKay, Generation 8
McKeithen, Murdoch Ritchie and Loretta
McKenzie, Dora Alice Family
McKenzie, John H. & M. Frances Rogers McKenzie,Jr.
McKenzie, John H. and Inez Peele McKenzie
McKenzie, Joseph Clyde & Mary Carter McKenzie
McKenzies of Mason Cross
McKinnon of Scotland
McKoy, Harvey, Jr.
McLaughlin, Nathanial & Daisy
McLaurin Family
McLaurin, Grace McLaurin Blake
McLaurin, Henry Walter
McLaurin, J. W.
McLaurin, John D. & Morrison
McLaurin, John Murdock
McLaurin, Lillian Hammond
McLaurin, Mary Nancy
McLaurin, Mildred Hooker
McLaurin, Morrison & Mary Liles
McLaurin, Roy Dixon
McLaurin, William Dickson
McLaurins of Scotland County
McLean, Edward Alex & Sarah McRae
McLean, Floyd
McLean, Hazel Frances
McLean, Hector
McLean, Rev. James Colon
McLean, Hector
McLean, James Dickson
McLean, John Henry
McLean, John Malloy, Sr.
McLean, John of Mull Descendants
McLean, Lewis & Peggie
McLean, Mrs. Carrie Mae
McLean, Peter
McLeod, Dr. Alexander
McLeod, Harrison & Sallie Glen
McMillan, Albert and Effie Gillis
McMahan, Edgar Oliver
McMillan, Alexander & Christian
McMillan, Arch Alexander
McMillan, Spurgeon & Nan Reynolds
McMillan, Charlie & Mary
McMillan, Hal and Gladys Adams
McMillan, Hector & Sallie
McMillan, M/M J. A.
McMillan, Malcolm and Margaret
McMillan, Malcolm and Margaret Leitch
McMillan, Rev. Andrew
McMillan, Samual Duncan Jr.
McMillan, Spurgeon and Nan
McMillan, Walter Scott Family
McMillan-McMillan Family
McNair, Edmund Lily 1854 - 1942
McNair, Emmanuel
McNair, John Franklin
McNair, Mrs. Ed
McNair, James Lytch
McNair, Rev. Malcolm
McNeill, Finding Arinafudbeg
McNeill, Charlotte Covington
McNeill, Descendants of Duncan
McNeill, Duncan Campbell, Jr.
McNeill, Hector & Isabella
McNeill, Hector & Mary Graham
McNeill, Honorable Franklin
McNeill, Lauchlin & Margaret Ann Hughes
McNeill, Lauchlin & Mary McNeill
McNeill, John Charles
  McNeills of Scotland County
McNeill, Rev. Hector
McQueen, Fred & Emily
McRae, Bernice Styers
McRae, Hubert V.
McRae, Philip & Gail Morgan Family
Nadeau, Andre and Jean
McRimmon, Sidney Archie
Nance, James D. and Christine
Newsome, Lloyd & Dolores
Newton, Birch
Newton, Henry Calvin & Mary Gillis
Newton, Henry Calvin Jr. & Elizabeth Cooley
Norfleet, Martha Vernon Monroe
Norton Family of Scotland County, Part I
Norton Family of Scotland County, Part II
Norton, Henry Lawrence
Norton, Jeremiah & Levina Pigg
Norton, John Calvin
Norton, John William Roy
Norton, Kenneth Bradley
Norton, Layfayette & Iola
Norton, Maurice Lafayette & Gladys B. Thompson
Odom, Carrie Emma McEachern
Odom, Charles & Katie
Odom, Charles Franklin
Odom, Daniel
Odom, Daniel Crosland
Odom, Leggette W.
Odom, George Lewis
Odom, Lorine Kidd
Odom-Wright Family
Odom, Harold Family
Odom, Mary Horne
Odom, Patsy Ann
Odom, Sadie Lytch
Page, Lucius (Family)
Pankey, Family
Parker, Joseph Alfred
Parker, Mary Lily
Parker, Mozelle
Parker, W. F. & Mozelle
Parker, Wright F.
Parrish, Clyde
Pate, Benaga
Pate, Dr. James Pate.
Pate, Edwin
Pate, James Gibson, Jr.
Pate, Willoughby & Nicholas Smith Family
Pate, Zebulon Vance
Patterson, Archibald Fairley & Emily Elliot
Patterson, Emmaline Alford
Patterson, Family
Paylor, James Monroe
Pearson, William W.
Peden, Margaret Shaw
Pedens of Scotland County
Peele, Andrew Handred family
Peele, Bishop William W.
Peele, Jerry
Peele, Bishop William Walter
Peele, Marvin Buford Family
Peele, Willis
Peele, Katherine Elizabeth
Peelle, Passco Family
Peelle, William Family
Peelle, Robert Family
Perkins, K. V.
Perkins, Khan & Juanita
Phillips, James Dickson Jr.
Phillips, Robert Derrick
Pittman, James B. & Emma
Pipkin, Harold
Pittman, Margaret Stewart
Poteat, Reg
Powell, Della Jane & Stedman Bordeaux
Prince, Charles Lampere
Prince, Daniel Malloy, M.D,
Prince, One Branch of Prince Family 1832-2003
Pullman, Robert Stanford
Purcell, Family
Quakenbush, William Graham
Quick, Alonzo & Sara Jane Guinn
Quick, Everett Vernon
Quick, Virginia Stubbs
Quick, William Kellon DD
Rachels, Family
Ray, Eddie Lonnie & Florence
Reagan, Eleanor Muse
Reagan, Owen Walker & Maggie Hines Muse
Reece, Edward Houston
Richardson, Harry Ethel
Robers, William "Bill"
Richardson, James Jr.
Riggins, Family
Robertson, William Neal
Rushing, Willie Marguerite Bullard
Rushing, Henry M.
Russell, Gilbert Harrison
Sanford, Betsy Martin
Sanford, Claude William
Sanford Family of Scotland County
Sanford, Noah Richardson
Sanford, Robert Collins, Sr.
Sanford, Robert Family in Laurinburg
Sanford, Terry
Sanford, Wsesley and Flora Campbell
Sasseen, Sand & Hannah
Shannon, Dr. George
Shaw, Alexander, Edwin, Jane McKay
Shaw, Dan Family
Shaw, Dr. William Graham
Shaw, Frank & Hattie
Sinclair, Duncan James
Sinclair, Jr., D. J., Jr
Smith, Albert & Sybille Guy
Smith, Alexander
Smith, Rev. Alvin Hall
Smith, Charles Edward Family
Smith, Deborah
Smith, Jonathan Guy
Smith, Ivory and Isabel
Smith, Rev. Neill McNair
Smith, Roswell
Smith, Samuel Thomas
Snelling, Family
Snipes, Family
Snipes, Victor Edward Family
Somerville, William Henry Family
Stevens, Bryant R.
Stewart, Dr. Angus
Stewart, Daniel & Dougald Emigrants
Stewart, Daniel Malloy Family
Stewart, Dugald & Annie B. Roper
Stewart, J. W. Claude
Stewart, John Franklin
Stewart, James Family
Stewart, John Dougald & Sara McCain
Stewart, Miss Julia
Stewart, Norman
Stone-Bracey, Family
Stricklin, Elizabeth
Stubbs, Colon McLean & Miss Frankie
Stubbs, Elsworth and Roxie Odell
Stubbs, Lonnie Family
Stubbs, Olis Bullock
Sturdivant, Clem
Summerlin Family History
Summerlin, Arthur R. Jr. MC
Summerlin, Fr. Art's Life Long Work
Summerlin, Arthur Roger Family
Summerlin, Dr. Harry Holler
Summerlin, Harry H. Jr.
Summerlin, Jack and Katherine Thompson
Sutherland, James L. Jr. Family
Swails, Kaitlyn
Tatum, Family
Taylor, James Erwin
Teal, Charlie Jackson Teal
Teal Family of Scotland Co
Teal, William Benny Family
Thomas, Willie & Ruby
Thompson, Donald
Thompson, J.C. "Hoss"
Thompson, James Samuel & Flora Ellen Hasty
Thompson, John Gilbert & Eloise Stewart
Thompson, Leonard
Thompson, Woodrow and Edna
Thrower, Family
Tindall, Frank & Bessie
Todd, Jimmy Jr. Family
Todd, Jimmy Sr. Family
Trollinger, C. A.
Trivette, Rev. & Mrs. Alton
Trollinger, Florrie Elizabeth Wilson Sherrill
  The James Ware Family
Warwick, Jeanie Harris
Warwick, Joe Richard, Sr.
Watson, Davis Cleveleand (Slim)
Warwick, Richard Edward
Watson, Duncan McNeill
Wells, Bill and Dixie
Wentz, Charles & Mary
White, Children of Daniel & Catherine
White, Daniel & Catherine
White, Emmett
White, Rev. Daniel
Whitehead, Carol
Whitehead, James Barron
Whitehead, Oren Wendell
Whitehead, William Wendell
Wicker, Family
Whitehurst, Family
Wilkes, Abraham & Nancy Blue
Wilkison, Edward & Margaret
Wilkinson, Family
Williams, Charles family
Williams, David A. & Muriel Jones
Williams, Harold Bruce
Williams, Thomas Wayne Invaluable Artifacts
Williams, Wayne Family
Williamson, Andrew G.
Williamson, Dan G. Family
Williamson, Isaac&Sara Woodle
Willis, Thurman
Wilson, Mr. & Mrs. T. S.
Womble, Dr. Edwin
Womble, Seaton Jehu
Wooley, Dr. John
Wright, Dr. Gene Thomas
Wright, Ida Belle
Wright, Harvey Wayne
Wright, Janet Carol
Wright, Judy Ann
Wright, Kenneth Ray
Wright, Laura Beatty
Wright, Mitchell Paul
Wright, Paul Dubon
Wright, Tammy Lynne
Wright, Shirley Anne
Wrazen, Captain Gerald
Wright, Zebulon Vance
Yongue, Douglas Yates & Mildred Hurley
Yongue, Elizabeth Mae & Robert Eugene Yongue