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Story and photo submission deadline has passed,
but book orders are being accepted for a limited time!

Welcome to our Greene County Heritage Book website! A new book about Greene County, Iowa is being compiled for publication in late 2011, and you are invited to help! Whether you are a newcomer or native of Greene County, we want your family story and pictures.


More than 100 years have passed since the publication of Stillman's 1907 History of Green County. We are excited to announce that a new book about Greene County will be published! In 1907 there was a charge to be included. Incredibly, there is no charge to have your family's story and picture(s) included in our book scheduled for late 2011 delivery!
We invite all residents, former residents and those with roots in Adaza, Churdan, Cooper, Dana, Farlin, Grand Junction, Jefferson, Paton, Ralston, Rippey and Scranton to be a part of our new book! In addition to families, we will be collecting stories and pictures of towns, churches, clubs, and military heroes. All Greene County townships will be represented! Modern families may submit 500 words and one picture per household. Pioneer households (1870 or earlier) may submit 1000 words and 2 pictures! These will be printed free in our new book!
250 biographies were included in 1907. Our goal is to more than double that number in our new 2010 book!
We will only print a limited number of these beautiful hardbound books. They will be "coffee table "9x12" with gold stamped cover and spine. Because this is a limited edition, only those who order and pay in advance will be guaranteed to receive a copy.

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